Dojô (practice room), is the place where you improve yourself both physically and spiritually. It is a sacred place where one should avoid frivolous thoughts and conversations. In the Dojô one is oriented to train the body and polish the mind, elevating the environment so everyone around it is ableto absorb the essence of the teachings. The altar is the spot where the Dojo is centralized. The altar represents the Creation, the Origin, the Almighty God. It is important to observe that, in such manner, we are not emanating elevated reverence to the symbol itself, but to the cosmic force that generates everything, it creates and establishes its natural course. The altar should be located on the wall at the end of the room, as far as possible from the entrance of the room. And it is from the altar that the hierarchical positions are set in the beginning and at the end of each class.

The following saying is written in our Altar:

“Guided by God “

For the real intention of being guided by God in the miracle of life!

Note: The Dojo is spiritually protected by the 6 (six) guardians and the spiritual master of the room.