As you may have noticed, this website is meant to stimulate learning and at the same time conduct you to advance into the beautiful path of the “Plenitude Martial Philosophy“.

The philosophy of Jiu-Jitsu intends to present the wide array of teachings while demonstrating that erything has a symbolism and a generational succession, which makes us inherit the knowledge and act on the urpose of disseminating it.



Patience, resilience, perseverance, understanding, improvement, and reflection. Each and everyone of us walks on an unique path, and Lotus Jiu-Jitsu comes in to give support to this journey. The practice of jiu-jitsu mimics our own existence, when we begin practicing, we are lay and we start crawling. Then, we heat up our joints, we flex our muscles, we enhance our reflexes by insisting on technical training so we can become an adult in the dojo. We face our own difficulties, habits, so we can slowly mold ourselves like steel, which is worked several times before it turns into a good sword.



We momentarily have to face our own egos, which is disturbed when we are “submitted”, a moment that represents death then immediately rebirth. When rage subsides, and we are able to distance the “ego“, we realize that victory and defeat are symbolic. Sometimes the one who loses, gains in the opportunity to reflect on the moment, and yet the one who wins may get excited with the power of winning, reached thanks to being properly instructed. A victory becomes successful only when there is self-reflection, so true humility can rise through knowing that victory and defeat are two sides of the same coin. Being able to identify that  is a core principle studied at Lotus Jiu-Jitsu.

“Everything in life is based on the laws of nature, what goes against it is destroyed, what goes in favor to it is enhanced, the giver is appreciated without being given anything, the almighty finds peace ithout needing power. The most highlighted one is not the one who is seen the most but the one who is seen without gesturing.”

The Principle is easy to follow, we just need to know who we already are before what we want to be. The machine that breathes, feels, thinks, is wonderfully equal to the gift of nature.

The individual comes in, not only to learn, but in many cases to teach. In order to learn you need to look, not only with the crystal eyes but with the mental perception as well. In order to teach not only is necessary to talk and demonstrate, one must sense the live force that is the plain truth. We all are supporting members of the same motto:

“Guided by God”